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Ferry Rates

1. Sell Individual Season Pass: $75


2. Family Pass (Includes parents and dependants living under the

    same roof): $150


3. Single Passenger Cash Fare (round trip) $5


4. Children under 12 if accompanied by a guardian: No Charge.


5. Gas Diesel and Propane: cylinder, cans or drums: $5


6. Light freight total (under 200 lbs) if carried by a passenger: No Charge.

   Please contact us to make arrangement's for oversize/overweight freight additional charges will apply.


7. Motor Vehicle: $100 to the island with a $300 retainer to PICA if no vehicle being taken off.


8.  unaccompanied freight $5 per package .


9. Bikes $5 per bike   


It is recommended that groups make Caribou and Pictou Island departure reservations. Reservations will not be accepted  inside of 24hrs prior to departure, and will only be held until 15 minutes before departure.

For Reservations,  email


For Animals: Dogs are required to wear muzzles or gental lead at all times, cats MUST be caged.