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                                     JULY - AUG



Leaves Pictou island:   8:00am           Leaves Caribou:  9:00am

Leaves Pictou island:   5:00pm           Leaves Caribou:  6:00pm




 Leaves Pictou island:  8:00am          Leaves Caribou:  9:00am 

 Leaves Pictou Island:  1:00pm          Leaves  Caribou:  1:45 pm   

 Leaves Pictou Island:  5:00pm          Leaves  Caribou:  6:00pm 




Leaves Pictou Island:  8:00am       Leaves Caribou  09:00

Leaves Pictou Island:  1:00 pm       Leaves  Caribou:  1:45pm 

Leaves Pictou Island:  5:00pm       Leaves  Caribou:  6:00pm 




Leaves Pictou Island:  10:00am       Leaves  Caribou:  11:00am 




 Leaves Pictou Island   3:00pm

 Leaves Caribou          4:00pm              

 Leaves Pictou Island   5:00pm