This page will only show available runs 14 days in advance, check out the schedule for information on runs prior to 14 days departure.

If a scheduled run is crossed out that means it is fully reserved

It is recommended to make Caribou and Pictou Island departure reservations. Reservations can be booked at a max of two weeks in advance and a minimum of 12 hours before departure time. Reservations will only be held until 15 minutes before departure. If the departure time is not showing up this means the run is fully reserved. If a run is full the ferry will return for a second run to transport passengers who are on the wharf 15 minutes before departure of the scheduled first run. If you need to cancel your reservation email

Passengers are permitted to carry on under 40lbs each at no charge if carried by a passenger. Please contact us at to make arrangements for oversized/ over weight freight, additional charges will apply; as well the ferry cannot carry fuel and passengers on the same run, there are separate monthly fuel runs.